Vaccination is key to ensuring your pet lives a long and healthy life. For dogs, we immunise against 5 potentially fatal diseases and our feline friends are vaccinated against 4 life threatening conditions. At Roe Valley Veterinary Clinic we recommend starting primary vaccinations from 7 weeks old. The primary course of vaccinations consists of 2 injections 2-3 weeks apart for dogs and 3-4 weeks apart for cats. Additionally, we offer the kennel cough vaccination for dogs that protects against a respiratory infection which can occasionally be persistent or turn serious.

After the primary vaccinations we recommend a yearly booster to ensure on-going immunity. Nowadays, there is controversial literature stating that vaccinations are unsafe and unnecessary However, over the years at RVVC we have seen the devastating consequences that occur from pets that have not been vaccinated. Additionally, we use approved Zoetis vaccines that have been thoroughly researched and trialled to ensure their safety and efficacy.

Please click here for more information on vaccinating your puppy/kitten and the diseases we are trying to prevent.

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