RVVC Pharmacy

We have our own in house pharmacy on site which stores a wide range of products for your pet. As the majority of our medicines are POM-V (i.e. Prescription only medication) these cannot be dispensed without a clinical examination from a Veterinary Surgeon. However, if your animal is on long term medication for e.g heart disease, epilepsy or thyroid dysfunction a repeat prescription can be authorised. However, we strongly recommend your pet is re-check every 3-6 months to ensure he/she is still on the most appropriate dose and/or medication.

What is the benefit of an in-house pharmacy versus buying the medication online?

When buying a POM-V drug online you are buying from an unknown source. It has been discovered in recent years that there are websites out there selling counterfeit drugs which could potentially be harmful to your pet. However, buying your medication from a us means that its has been subject to regulation under the RCVS (Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons) and the VMD (Veterinary Medicines Directorate) plus checked by a qualified Veterinary Surgeon.

Is it cheaper to buy medication online compared to at a Veterinary Practice?

At RVVC we aim to keep all our medication affordable. We always try to use the most economical method of treatment which is best for your pet. In addition, buying your veterinary drugs online still requires a prescription and vets will charge an additional fee for this. Therefore, with the prescription fee added plus a delivery charge most people find shopping on the internet is not as cost effective as they first thought. Furthermore, by buying your medication with us you have the added piece of mind it is genuine and the correct strength/dose for your pet.

Please note: If clients still wish to purchase medication online we strongly recommend to research the webpages thoroughly and look for the VMD logo. This will hopefully decrease your risk of ordering any illegal or inappropriate drugs.


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