Puppy Parties

At RVVC we generally host puppy parties every 3-4 months. Approximately 2 weeks before the next party is scheduled we can through the list of puppies that have had their vaccines within the last few months and send out invites accordingly.

Why do we offer Puppy Parties?

Early socialisation of your new puppy is an integral part of their new life with you. It is even more important than other factors such as toilet training or lead walking because what happens within their first few months of lives will shape their personality for the rest of their lives.

Why should i attend?

* It helps prevent fear of meeting new individuals both in the human and canine form.

* The attendees of the party are all of similar ages which means there is no fear of meeting older and more intimidating dogs.

* The risk of disease is much less controlled as all attendees are up to date with their vaccinations and in good health.

* It is a great opportunity to chat with puppy owners with similar questions and concerns.

* The puppy parties are free of charge so why not? Also, we provide complimentary refreshments, puppy packs, training/nutrition advice and they are always great fun.

What happens at a puppy party?

We try to keep the parties as informal as possible and at convenient times such as Saturday afternoons. The format normally includes;

* A welcome and introduction to all puppy’s and owners.

* A brief talk on the importance of socialisation, training, nutrition, neutering and insurance.

* They we have time for some light refreshments and allow the puppies to have a play with one another whilst encouraging you to have a chat with the fellow owners.

* Each puppy is then given a certificate for attending and a complimentary pack to take home.

The puppy parties are primarily ran by our two veterinary nurses who are trained in answering the majority of your questions. In addition, we also allow a question time with the vet which allows our attendees to ask more in depth questions relating to canine heath.

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