Pet Passports

Pet travel is becoming more common these days. We are fortunate that within the EU there is the Pet Travel Scheme (PETS) which allows animals to travel between member countries without quarantine. PETS operates through each animal having their own passport.

At RVVC, our vets have gone through extra training to become AVI’s (authorised veterinary inspectors) and as result we are permitted to apply for and validate your pet passport.

What is required for a pet passport?

1. Your animal must be microchipped to being the process.

2. Next you will need to have your pet vaccinated against rabies. As we do not have rabies in the UK this is not included in the normal vaccine and must be administered separately. Please note you need to wait 21 days after the rabies vaccine has been administered before you can travel i.e. the vaccination date = day 0 therefore if this was the 1st of April your pet cannot travel until the April 22nd.

3. A Pet Passport is obtained by applying through DARD and is completed by an authorised veterinarian.

4. Upon re-entering the UK you must administer an approved tapeworm treatment to your animal between 24 and 120hrs prior to your arrival. This needs to be recorded in the passport and officiated by an approved vet. (this applies for dogs only!)

For more information please click here to visit DARD.

Alternatively you can call PETS on – 08702411710

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