Nurse Clinics

Our qualified veterinary nurse Naoimh Toner runs a very popular weekly clinic on a Tuesday evening between 5 and 7pm. If this is unsuitable she can also schedule you in on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday morning by request. Similarly to our vet consultations we run the nurse clinic by appointment only. This is to minimise waiting time for you and make our system as efficacious as possible.

Services provided by the nurse;

Health Checks*
Please remember if you are concerned by an illness or condition that has not been seen/diagnosed by a vet we recommend making an appointment with them first.

Diabetic Clinic*
We realise it can be daunting to find out your pet is diabetic. Understandably, clients worry initially about administering the daily injections and noticing the dangerous changes which can occur with their pets blood sugar. The nurse will work hand in hand with the vet while offering you, the client, worthwhile advice on the initial period and through to the long term with regard to specific diets and exercise.

Dental Care*
Are your pets kisses no longer as sweet as they used to be? Bad breath is common in older animals and can be a sign of dental disease or in some cases other illness. Why not pop in to see Naoimh and let her advice you on the next best step.

Pet Slimming Club*
Unfortunately nowadays as many as 1/3 of our pets are classified as overweight. Just like us, those extra few inches around their waist can predispose your pet to serious health problems such as diabetics, joint and heart disease and urinary stones. Naoimh is very sympathetic to owners and takes time to work through each case and devise a specific plan of diet and exercise to suit your situation.

* This is a free of charge service for registered clients.

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