Flea Control

Flea control not only means you eliminate the fleas on your pet but you also need to control the fleas within your surrounding environment. Unfortunately, fleas are not host specific which means both dogs and cats share the same flea and also, this flea can affect you too! At RVVC we stock a wide range of products for flea control and we strongly recommend these over Pet Shop/Supermarket products which are less effective and have greater side effects.

How is best to prevent my pet from developing fleas?

Once again prevention is easier than treatment!! We recommend applying a spot-on every 4-6 weeks which kills both adult and immature fleas – this will mean that not only is your pet covered but also, importantly your environment is less likely to be contaminated.

Disaster has struck and my pet has fleas, what should I do?

First and foremost, take a deep breath and do not panic! Come and visit us at the clinic and we will provide you with a spot-on treatment for your pet and also, a household spray for your home to kill any fleas and/or larvae in the environment. In addition, we recommend washing all of your pets bedding and any other soft furnishings they have contact with in a hot wash (90oC). Also, it is important to remember that fleas can affect you but they will not live on your body for long (they prefer their hosts) so if you notice any bites shower and wash your clothes in a hot wash and this should solve the problem. As long as you have adequately treated your pet and the environment you should not become reinfected.

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