Dental Care

Good dental care is something that needs to be established from day 1.

There are a number of ways that help prevent the progression of dental disease and these are outlined below.

  1. Brushing:
    This is VERY important and the best way to keep your pets teeth as healthy as possible.  If you have a new kitten or puppy we recommend introducing brushing early which allows it it become part of    For older animals it can be more challenging but not impossible.  In this case, you need to initially get your pet used to something being in his/her mouth.  Therefore, start with dipping your finger/cotton bud in something tasty (like tuna flakes) and rubbing it over the surface of their teeth.  Start slowly and gradually progress to more and more teeth being covered in each session ensuring plenty of rewards.  Once you are at the stage of using a brush you can choose from finger brushes to standard toothbrushes.
  2. Diet:
    Studies have proven that feeding a dry diet in contrast to moist food significantly reduces plaque and tartar build up.  The action of the kibble over the surface of the tooth mimics that of brushing and the food is less likely to stick to the surface of the teeth.  There are also now special formulated dental diets that contain similar constituents to our toothpaste that help present teeth and gum disease.
  3. Dental Chews/Toys:
    These definitely serve a purpose but it is important to remember they cannot be used as a replacement to brushing.

In addition to these points we also recommend regular check ups by the vet/nurse.  Why not come along for a complimentary check up at our nurse clinic?

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